hong kong
13/03/2023 12:54

Hong Kong says goodbye to neon signs: one of the last remaining ones has been removed these days

Hong Kong is one of the largest and most famous cities in the world, 'where East meets West'. Among other things, the characteristic neon lights that fill every corner throughout the 20th century have contributed to the city's fame ever since Clause Neon Light, the first factory of this type of lights, opened in 1932. Since then they have become a hallmark of the city-state landscape.

Today, however, neon technology is becoming obsolete, and neon signs are being replaced by LEDs. The city government started a programme called Tackling Hygiene Black Spots years ago, which aims to clean up the city streets. Hence, the removal of such distinctive signs, which have also helped make some very famous films iconic, such as 'Blade Runner' and 'Ghost in the Shell', as well as the more recent 'Dr. Strange'.

Now one of the last signs in the city is about to be removed, but there are those who aspire to protect and preserve them.