In Sardinia the magic of the natural rock arch

Sardinia's extraordinary beauty is also expressed through its spectacular natural arches formed by sea and wind erosion along its 1,897 kilometers of coastline.

Journey through rocks, crystal-clear waters and fabulous views, with special mention for the arch of S'Archittu, a beloved film set and natural wonder of limestone, marl and fossils.

Fifty feet high, it is a protected natural monument, so striking that it is illuminated on summer nights. But watch out for waves and boulders: nature can be as fascinating as it is unpredictable.

photo by Riccardo Mantica
Rock arches, extraordinary monuments of nature
Sardinia is an extraordinary land, offering a flood of cues and suggestions; for example, there are numerous natural arches along its 1,897 kilometers of coastline. These are spectacular natural monuments, rocks eroded by the sea and wind, so much so that they create arches of varying size, sometimes even double.
photo by Riccardo Mantica
S'Archittu (Sardinia, Italy): a natural masterpiece
Among the most beloved natural arches in Sardinia (Italy) is undoubtedly that of s'Archittu on the coast of Cuglieri, in the central western part of our island, in the province of Oristano, halfway between Sinis and Bosa. The natural arch of S'Archittu is located near the hamlet of the same name, which takes its name from them.
photo by Riccardo Mantica
The Arch of S'Archittu: portrait in cinema
S'Archìttu dominates the cove located immediately next to the resort of the same name and can be reached on foot via a pedestrian pavement created in 2002 and very well maintained. A very evocative place, especially at sunset, it has also been chosen as the setting for numerous film films. The arch, about 15 meters high, is the result of marine erosion of an ancient cave formed by limestone, marl and fossils.
photo by Riccardo Mantica
Lunar reflections and bold dives
The sedimentary limestones that form the arch are also called lunar because of the reflections they generate. Officially declared a natural monument, it has been protected by the Ministry of the Environment under the name "S'Archittu di Santa Caterina Natural Monument." S'Archìttu is most famous for the dives, which the most intrepid swimmers make from its summit.
photo by Riccardo Mantica
S'Archittu and its small beach: a natural paradise
S'Archittu is also a small beach located on the side of the arch. It is partly sandy and partly rocky. Good for snorkeling, it is a fairly enclosed sea area with shallow water, but you have to be more careful when the sea gets bigger. Caution: access to the arch beach has been banned, due to the risk of rock collapse from the unstable rocky ridge above; you cannot even pass in the water within 25 meters of the shoreline.
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