Five amazing underwater hotels

Welcome to the photo gallery dedicated to five amazing underwater hotels. Here you will see some of the most incredible and striking photos of hotels located below sea level, offering a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Imagine sleeping in a room surrounded by fish and sea creatures, or enjoying a romantic dinner overlooking the seabed.

Submarine hotels are a true adventure for the most adventurous and sea-loving travelers. In this photo gallery, we will take you on a tour of some of the most extraordinary underwater hotels in the world.

Are you ready to discover this incredible experience? Then dive in with us in this amazing photogallery.

Here are the 5 underwater hotels in the world!

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Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
In Dubai, the amazing Relais Atlantide. The Underwater Suite is just one of the resort's 1,500 rooms, but also the only one located right onAmbassador Lagoon Aquarium, to sleep in the company of more than 65,000 sea creatures. A suite with an area of 165 square meters and a price 6000 euros per night!
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Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Sleeping in the midst of the waters of the Indian Ocean is possible: in fact, Manta Resort provides Underwater Room. 4 meters underwater for a room with panoramic windows, full of lights, that will attract so many fish that it will seem like a little mermaid experience! This particular room is located 250 meters from shore, in the area of Blue Hole, on the reef. The cost is about $1,500 per night
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Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden
The hotel is located about an hour from Stockholm, off Lake Mälaren, and is open only from April to October. It is a hybrid structure, with an emerged part and a room below sea level, designed by Mikael Genberg but furnished absolutely minimally. Also making the experience sensational is the preparation: the meeting takes place at the port of Västerås, and the couple is escorted by boat to the hotel, about 1 km from the coast. A canoe is also available for guests to reach and explore a nearby uninhabited island during the day. Price of 120 euros per night.
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Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida
This is a former research laboratory, and compared to the others it is a little less accessible: in fact, one has to put on a wetsuit and dive 6 meters through underwater mangrove forests before finding the entrance to the room. Nothing is missing inside: hot shower, electricity, kitchen. The price is about $375 per night, including a 3-hour diving course.
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Lovers Deep, Caribbean
This time we are on a submarine. The technology here surpasses all imagination, and is matched only by the luxury it offers. Designed precisely for true underwater romantic getaways, here we travel 650 meters below sea level! Two-night minimum stay, dinner with champagne, caviar and oysters, butler on hand. Price from 107,000 euros per night! And remember, it's at least 2!
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