france, paris
06/03/2023 15:25

The most iconic cafés of Paris: a plunge into the art and haunts of the great artists of the past

For at least a couple of centuries, Paris was the center of the European literary world. Between the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, the French capital hosted to scholars, writers, painters, and men of letters of all kinds who would gather in the fledgling cafés.

Eating a good meal, bathed in thick cigarette smoke, these great personalities of world culture would discuss art, politics, science and the latest social innovations that were fermenting in the assemblage of diverse cultures that was Paris.

Some of these cafes still exist, although different from those of the time. We want to take you on a short journey to discover these magical places. And if you want to drop in on us on your next trip to Paris, don't thank us.