How to sleep in capsule hotels at the airport

The capsule hotel are a type of mini hotel that allows you to rest for a few hours or spend the night inside the airport, with undoubted advantages in terms of comfort, economy and time savings.

If the plane is delayed or if for any other reason you have to stay several hours at the airport and want to rest or relax in a quiet place, the rooms of the capsule hotel can become the ideal solution.

In Italy, for example, you can find them in different airports such as Orio al Serio in Bergamo, Malpensa (Milan), Capodichino (Naples), Verona, Venice and Turin.

Capsule hotel to rest at the airport
Airport capsule hotel allow you to rest at the airport while waiting for your flight
A corner of privacy at the airport
Inside each capsule - room - you can find a bed, a desk, a shower and free Wi-Fi. Booking is made via the web and even access to the room is simple and totally automated.
In capsule hotel charging devices and entertainment
Inside the rooms are available to customers sockets to charge devices and multimedia content accessible through a touch screeninterface.
Capsule hotel in Italian airports
The capsule hotel are present in Orio al Serio, Malpensa, Venice, Verona and Turin (managed by Zzzleepandgo) and Capodichino (managed by BenBo). Through their official websites you can book cabins.
Capsule hotel, convenient and economical solution
The capsule hotels guarantee a safe rest and an excellent solution in terms of quality / price ratio.
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