21/03/2023 08:59

The cities with the most tourists in the world

According to the latest report by Euromonitor International, the market research firm founded in 1972 that provides in-depth data and analysis on markets around the world including tourism, consumer goods, services and technology just to name a few, the queen of tourism is London.

There are 19.56 million international arrivals recorded in the last year in the British capital, Paris taking second place welcomed 19.09 million and Istanbul completing the podium saw 14.72 million arrive.

Off the podium we find Antalya, another Turkish city, with 13.33 million tourists. Following in fifth place is Rome, Italy's top ranked city, with 10.32 million, then above 7 million visitors are Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona with 9.15, 8.84 and 7.01 million respectively.