13/03/2023 08:59

Ten of the most beautiful villages scattered around the world

As is obvious, the most crowded destinations during the holiday period are the big cities, places of art, or resorts such as the sea in summer and the mountains in winter. Yet, there are some destinations that are often forgotten, but which would in fact be the most attractive and also, not least, the cheapest, namely the villages.

Hamlets are small villages, often characteristic of the country in which they are located, where you can really immerse yourself in the local culture, get to know the food and traditions of a population in a way that you would not be able to do in big cities and tourist resorts.

Many also impress with the beauty and immensity of the surrounding landscape. Road Affair magazine has compiled a ranking of the most beautiful villages around the world. We offer you the top 10 places in this ranking.