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09/03/2023 15:02

Rome, the eternal city: places you absolutely must visit

Are you planning to visit Rome but not quite sure how to find your way around the hundreds of monuments the city presents? We understand you well, have no doubt. In fact, the Eternal City boasts nearly 3 millennia of history, and its current form is the result of construction, demolition, cultural and political changes that have influenced the entire history of European civilization.

Of course, there are some places, such as the Colosseum and the Imperial fora, that cannot be overlooked, but there are many other monuments that may escape at first glance, and that would be a huge loss. Of course, it remains complicated to reduce a city like Rome, the only one in the world to encapsulate an entire state (the enclave of the Vatican, the center of the world's Catholic community) into ten places to visit, but we want to try.

Between ancient wonders and legendary stories, here is what you should definitely visit on your trip to Rome.